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Floral Design

We can assist you with all your floral needs.


Be sure to utilize what your venue has to offer, many have an excellent selection of décor for you to use that can be enhanced with florals!


Need a recommendation?  We can point you in the right direction.


a note about ishka's cottage

     Ishka's Cottage was built with love by my wonderful husband.  It started out as a tiny garden shed but my design requests to my husband expanded to a "cottage".  The cottage is constructed of wood, windows and doors that were salvaged from the  family's farm which dated back to 1899.  It was farmed until my great uncle Ben passed in 2016 and at that time the farm was sold. 


    If you are wondering about the name, I am referred to as Ishka because my grandson could not say the Czech name for grandmother, Babicka.  He was about 2 when he looked out the window and pointed at me and said Ishka.. and that is just fine with me.

     In 2017, we decorated for Christmas using my mother's Christmas tree since she has since passed, nutcrackers, an old chair from one of the great grandmothers with a quilt, lights and it is just lovely.  I think it will just stay decorated all year like that because I look out the window and see the lights and it brings sweet memories of those gone before us.

     And just so you know.....Santa makes an appearance too.....maybe we can get a picture or two.

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